New Talent Pipelines for the Automated Age (AI)

KC Donovan

For the past few years we’ve all heard about how the world of work is quickly changing and gearing up for a massive shift. Whether you are a believer or not, one thing history has taught us is that technology will continue to push the limits of how we do things.

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Topics: relationship hiring, pipelines, automation, talent pipelines

How to Measure Recruitment Marketing Effectiveness: 5 KPIs

Maura McElhone

When it comes to Recruitment Marketing, many still struggle with how to measure its effectiveness.

The definition and purpose is pretty straight forward; attract, engage, nurture, and convert prospects to applicants, but for many in the industry, there is still something of a grey area surrounding the quantifiability of its success.

Certainly, quality of hire is one indicator. However, for optimum results, getting more quality prospects into your talent network and better qualified candidates into your ATS with less recruiter time spent, is even more important. Monitoring the impact of your efforts much earlier on in the recruitment marketing process is vital.

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How to get started with a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for career sites and jobs.

Shane Gray

Several years ago I spent some time consulting into a Yellow pages online directory business. The emergence of Google as first port of call to answer someone's day to day queries like "Where will I find a lawyer in Manhattan" had necessitated a shift in strategy. The game plan was to optimise the directory to capture the lion's share of the page one results pages and then pass that traffic on to the lawyer or plumber who was paying to feature their business on the directory. Sound familiar?

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Topics: Recruitment Marketing, Inbound Recruiting, SEO

An SEO Primer for TA Landing Pages

KC Donovan

As you may know, the first place a typical job seeker goes online isn’t a job board . . . it’s Google. With the new Google for Jobs (which Clinch customers benefit from automatically), if you follow Google’s Guide, your actual Job Postings may appear.  

But what about your Career Site Landing Pages? There are somewhere between 100-300 million career based queries (depending on who you believe) on Google and not all are job based, so it makes sense to get your landing page content to appear more often, right?

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Topics: career site, SEO, career website

Hiring companies leverage customized job lists for a more personalized candidate experience

Maura McElhone

We live in an age of over-saturation. From coffee shops to content, every day, the average consumer is faced with a multitude of choices.

So, how do we go about making our decisions?

Various factors come into play — recommendations and referrals from trusted sources like friends and family, for example. We tend to value these suggestions above all others because they come from people who know us i.e. their recommendations are based on their understanding of our likes, preferences, and interests.

Their suggestions are highly personalized and therefore, are what we deem to be "relevant." 

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Topics: candidate experience, career site, candidate behavior

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