How to Ensure Software Implementation and Adoption

KC Donovan

With new technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Automation exploding the number of HRTech offerings, the variety also acts as a burden in the eyes of many tech buyers.

Selecting the best software for their needs is only a part of the task, and when it’s a group decision (as it should be), a software’s feature set usually is what sways the choice. Instead, businesses should consider the software’s industry success history, flexibility, customer support and integration ability. It’s this last element that keeps buyers up at night.

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Clinch Ups the CX Game, Rolls Out Autofill by LinkedIn

Maura McElhone

We're pleased to announce that Autofill by Linkedin is now available for use in Clinch calls-to-action.

Now, with a single click, candidates can see CTAs on job pages and career sites automatically update to reflect their information as it appears in LinkedIn.  

Autofill by LinkedIn benefits both the candidate and the recruiter

Not only does this feature facilitate faster, easier completion of calls-to-actions by candidates, enhancing the candidate experience as a result, it also sends that candidate’s LinkedIn profile information over to their candidate record in the Clinch CRM. 

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Familiarise yourself with the new EU general data protection regulation (GDPR) - 2 hour read

Shane Gray

The EU general data protection regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) will take effect on May 25 2018.

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Making Great Employee Videos & Winning Approval to Use Them

KC Donovan

The Recipe

  • 3 x Company topics/questions any employee will have positive things to comment on
  • 15 x Employees prone to sharing opinions
  • 1 x Email requesting employees to share opinions/comments
  • 1 x Smartphone video camera
  • 1 x Spreadsheet column full of recurring Glassdoor comments
  • 1 x Spreadsheet column listing the employee transcribed answers
  • 1 x Video editing software (simple to use iMovie, WeVideo, MovieMaker, etc.)
  • 1 x Executive or Sr. Management decision maker
  • 1 x Company career page
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Clinch Partners with Google to Transform the Job Search

Maura McElhone

Leading recruitment marketing platform pairs up with world’s most powerful search engine to enrich candidate experience and improve recruiting effectiveness

Dublin, Ireland, October 12, 2017
-- Clinch Technology Ltd., a leading recruitment marketing platform provider renowned for its delivery of the “intelligent career site,” today announced a new partnership with Google that makes it faster and easier than ever before for the majority of candidates who begin their search on Google to source new and relevant employment opportunities with Clinch customers.

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