KC Donovan

KC Donovan

KC is Executive Vice President of Global Strategy at Clinch. He brings with him 20+ years of corporate TA leadership, sourcing, employment branding, executive search, contingent, RPO and consulting.

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How to Ensure Software Implementation and Adoption

KC Donovan

With new technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Automation exploding the number of HRTech offerings, the variety also acts as a burden in the eyes of many tech buyers.

Selecting the best software for their needs is only a part of the task, and when it’s a group decision (as it should be), a software’s feature set usually is what sways the choice. Instead, businesses should consider the software’s industry success history, flexibility, customer support and integration ability. It’s this last element that keeps buyers up at night.

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Making Great Employee Videos & Winning Approval to Use Them

KC Donovan

The Recipe

  • 3 x Company topics/questions any employee will have positive things to comment on
  • 15 x Employees prone to sharing opinions
  • 1 x Email requesting employees to share opinions/comments
  • 1 x Smartphone video camera
  • 1 x Spreadsheet column full of recurring Glassdoor comments
  • 1 x Spreadsheet column listing the employee transcribed answers
  • 1 x Video editing software (simple to use iMovie, WeVideo, MovieMaker, etc.)
  • 1 x Executive or Sr. Management decision maker
  • 1 x Company career page
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Topics: Inbound Recruiting, employee generated content, video

New Talent Pipelines for the Automated Age (AI)

KC Donovan

For the past few years we’ve all heard about how the world of work is quickly changing and gearing up for a massive shift. Whether you are a believer or not, one thing history has taught us is that technology will continue to push the limits of how we do things.

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Topics: relationship hiring, pipelines, automation, talent pipelines

An SEO Primer for TA Landing Pages

KC Donovan

As you may know, the first place a typical job seeker goes online isn’t a job board . . . it’s Google. With the new Google for Jobs (which Clinch customers benefit from automatically), if you follow Google’s Guide, your actual Job Postings may appear.  

But what about your Career Site Landing Pages? There are somewhere between 100-300 million career based queries (depending on who you believe) on Google and not all are job based, so it makes sense to get your landing page content to appear more often, right?

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Topics: career site, SEO, career website

Engagement Hiring - Is It the Answer?

KC Donovan

Camaraderie: a relationship between people or organizations that is characterized by mutual assistance, approval, and support.

Isn’t one of the most important aspects of highly functioning companies and work teams the level of harmony, solidarity, and camaraderie that exists among employees? Surely, this is something that a company should highlight on their career page. 

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Topics: candidate experience, candidate nurture, candidate engagement, interviews, engagement hiring