Why effective recruitment and sourcing starts with your careers site

Maura McElhone

There is a common misconception that most visitors to your career site are there to look and apply for jobs. In reality, the candidate journey begins with a search for jobs via Google or Indeed. When job seekers want more information on what it's like to work for a particular organization, that is when they turn their attention to the careers site.

As the next important stage in the candidate journey, the career site is central to the candidate experience and is therefore also highly influential in shaping your company's employment brand. Whether it's one page or a collection of pages, your careers site can make all the difference to whether or not the right candidate makes the decision to demonstrate their interest in your organization as a potential employer — which is why it’s in the best interests of both recruiters and sourcers to ensure that their organization's career site meets a particular standard.

The following is a list of best practices to observe when building a careers site designed to facilitate faster, more effective candidate sourcing and recruiting:
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Do I need a recruitment marketing platform? Yes, and here's why

Maura McElhone

People have transformed how they seek out employment opportunities. Candidates today think and act like consumers, researching employers in the pre-application stage as they would products in the pre-purchase stage.

When it comes to applying for a job, candidates want to feel that they are making an informed decision. They want to know what it’s like to work for that employer ahead of time, and to feel that they have developed a relationship with that organization.

A company that can fulfill those needs creates a positive candidate experience, strengthens its employment brand, and establishes itself as an employer of choice.

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[VIDEO] Matt Charney on the importance of candidate personas, PLUS our free guide on how to create a candidate persona for your organization

Maura McElhone

In recruitment, as in marketing, conversions happen as a result of meaningful connections having been made. In recruiting, those connections serve as the basis for a positive candidate experience, and they come about when your employer-branded content resonates with its target audience. Before you can create content that resonates, you need to know, at a deep level, who it is that you're talking to.

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The art and science of nurture: Bill Boorman white paper for Clinch

Bill Boorman

I think we are all agreed that the lines between recruiting —largely viewed as a sales activity— and marketing —traditionally seen as an activity conducted by someone else— have become blurred. 

Outside of the related hype, however, and the overuse of the tagline, "recruitment is marketing," the real question is, “what does this blurring of lines really mean, and what does it look like day-to-day?”

What we must acknowledge is that, while already overloaded recruiters have been asked to don new marketing hats and take on extra responsibilities for things like content creation, engagement and candidate experience, there has been no significant let-up in the demand from hiring managers and the chiefs of the business for hiring now and filling seats.

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How to map the candidate journey: get your free guide

Maura McElhone

You've heard the saying, "it's the journey, not the destination." Well, this rings true in recruitment, too, as it is the journey they go on, courtesy of an organisation's recruitment marketing efforts, that informs a candidate's decision on whether or not to apply in the first place.

But what is a "candidate journey?" exactly? What does it really mean?

The candidate journey: breaking it down

The candidate journey is the research process an individual goes through before making the decision to apply for a particular role. In simple terms, it's the content a candidate consumes, and the conversations they have in an effort to figure out whether a company might be a good fit for them, and vice versa.

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