The best talent engagement is the simplest...really!

KC Donovan

We’re just about at the tipping point where the majority of our adult working population will be under the age of 35.

Let that sink in for a second. 

These are people who grew up post Internet, where surfing the web was akin to changing a TV channel. They saw their parents spend a lifetime climbing the career ladder where either a promotion or a pink slip waited regardless of ability — and they want no part of that. A common thread for them is their negative view of the concept of “career.”

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The art and science of nurture: Bill Boorman white paper for Clinch

Bill Boorman

I think we are all agreed that the lines between recruiting —largely viewed as a sales activity— and marketing —traditionally seen as an activity conducted by someone else— have become blurred. 

Outside of the related hype, however, and the overuse of the tagline, "recruitment is marketing," the real question is, “what does this blurring of lines really mean, and what does it look like day-to-day?”

What we must acknowledge is that, while already overloaded recruiters have been asked to don new marketing hats and take on extra responsibilities for things like content creation, engagement and candidate experience, there has been no significant let-up in the demand from hiring managers and the chiefs of the business for hiring now and filling seats.

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