Supercharge your sourcing efforts with a better career site

Shane Gray

You probably see the career site as an inbound recruitment component that’s in contrast to the outbound nature of your sourcing efforts. However, the reality is that the two are linked — whether you like it or not.

The following scenario will be familiar to many of you:

You’ve just spent the last day crafting and launching 50 highly personalized emails at target candidates. You’ve just had the best response rate ever and you’re feeling pretty happy that the campaign has been a success.

But did you ever stop and wonder what happened to those candidates who didn’t respond?

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Is your careers site working for you, or against you? Find out with a free review from Clinch

Maura McElhone

Every great candidate experience starts with great content. A strong careers page or site is central to that content offering. As the preferred destination for candidates seeking information on a company and/or job, your careers site must be up to par in order to engage and convert the best talent.  

Of course, it can be difficult to make an objective assessment of how effective (or not) your own careers page is — every parent thinks their kid is the cutest, right?

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Hiring? First Impressions Count

Maura McElhone

N.B. This post was first published in June, 2014. 

Last week, our Twitter feed was abuzz with reaction to the rather innovative, and undeniably ballsy, approach to hiring adopted by a soon-to-open Dublin pub. 

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Jobs Boards Don’t Fill Jobs: Companies Do

Maura McElhone

Jobs Boards Don’t Fill Jobs. A bold statement for a company that, in its first iteration, launched with an intent to “build a better jobs board” (Clinch, version 1.0.)

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Recruitment, and the Problem With the Colour Blue

Maura McElhone

“Employer branding” . . . “culture fit” . . . “ATS” . . . “candidate experience” . . . They’re just some of the buzz words and phrases we’ve had to become familiar with since starting on this journey to build a better hiring experience for employer and candidate alike.

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