10 Best Practices for a Successful Recruitment Marketing Campaign

Maura McElhone

Today’s candidate does not make the application decision lightly. It doesn’t happen on a whim. Instead, candidates are doing their homework — researching companies, seeking information on what that organization is like as an employer long before they even consider making a formal application.

Candidates expect an openness, and a willingness on the part of the company to deliver the kind of information and insight they require to make their decision. They are thinking and acting like consumers in the pre-purchase stage.

As a result, recruiters are having to think and act like marketers in order to compete for and attract the best candidates.

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Job descriptions: corporate claptrap or candy for candidates?

Maura McElhone

Job descriptions. Love them or loathe them, there's no denying that they form an essential part of the recruiter's arsenal.

But is there more to job descriptions than meets the eye? In this age of recruitment marketing, when the talent you attract is only as good as the content you distribute, are you giving job descriptions the attention they need in order to deliver the best candidates?

Or are you shooting yourself in the foot by continuing to treat job descriptions with apathy, at best?

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The content crime that's crippling your candidate experience

Maura McElhone

I love to talk "content." As a writer for Clinch, I'm especially interested in the role content plays in recruitment marketing. I regularly read around the subject and while not strictly recruitment marketing-focused, one of my favorite blogs is Copyblogger

Recently, Copyblogger shared a "A Brief Guide to Fixing Your Old, Neglected, and Broken Content."

Events and Listings Need Love, Too

After outlining why you should bother fixing "old, broken, and neglected content" at all, and explaining how to go about doing that, the article lists 10 specific types of content that often fall into that "old and broken" category.

Topping the list, is "Past Events." My "relevant to recruitment marketing" radar immediately went off. 

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Recruiting Wrap-Up: Content

Maura McElhone

Welcome to the second "Recruiting Wrap-Up" by Clinch.

Each week, we're bringing you a selection of quality content on a specific theme related to recruitment marketing.  

We kicked things off with our Wrap-Up on Employer Branding, and this week, we're putting the spotlight on the cornerstone of every recruitment marketing campaign — the content itself. 

Get informed, be inspired, and enjoy this collection of articles, infographics, and video from a variety of trusted sources and authority voices from the worlds of recruiting and HR.

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Why "Show, Don't Tell" is the Golden Rule of Recruitment Marketing

Maura McElhone

The future of recruiting is inbound. That much, we can all agree on.

And we know, too, that this new wave of recruiting is powered by proven inbound sales and marketing techniques, taken and applied — to great effect — to the traditional recruiting process.

Within that category of "proven inbound techniques", lives "content marketing."(More on the rise of content marketing in recruiting here.)

Again, this won't come as news to most of you, but amidst all the hype and in the rush to get on board with inbound, has anyone stopped for a minute to take a good hard look at what exactly it is — this "content" that everyone's harping on about?

More importantly, is there an understanding of how to optimize that content for maximum impact in its ability to attract, engage, and convert even passive candidates?

In case there's any confusion, let's start with a simple definition.

What IS Content? 

In the context of marketing, content refers to any and all media that is created, published, and shared with a view to acquiring and retaining customers.

In a recruitment context, the same definition applies. All you have to do is swap out “customers” for “candidates.” So, by that measure, we're talking job descriptions, employee videos, blogs, social media accounts, and more.

Show, Don't Tell 

Note the use of the word "media" in the definition above. "Content" is often synonymous with copy or text, and while candidate-centric copy does play an important role in recruitment marketing, your company's message becomes significantly more interesting and memorable when it's presented with visual appeal to the forefront.

If you really want to up the ante with your recruiting content, less is more when it comes to text. Think "show" rather than "tell," because with 70% of marketers planning to increase their use of original visual assets in 2015, visual is definitely where it's at if your recruitment content is to rise above the noise.

Need more proof?

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