Improve Information Flow to Improve Hiring Outcomes

Shane Gray

One of the things I discovered many years ago (but not soon enough!) is that in order to be successful, you need to understand how a business works at the most basic level.

What drives the behavior of the various actors? Where are the problems in existing solutions?

And I'm not talking about the surface problems that are easy to identify. I mean taking a good, hard look at the root causes.

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This company built a stellar employer brand. You'll never guess what happened next . . .

Maura McElhone

It’s official: a poor employer brand reduces the number of prospective job candidates by half.

The statistic emerged as part of LinkedIn’s findings in their recent Winning Talent report, published earlier this week.

Along with a reputation for having poor job security, dysfunctional teams, and poor leadership, the top 5 reasons why a candidate would not consider employment with a company included "if existing or former employees of that company had negative opinions of the company," and "if the company had a poor reputation among industry peers."

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9 Rules of New Recruiting

Maura McElhone

"The most dangerous phrase in the language is, "we've always done it this way."

So said computer scientist and United States Navy officer, Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper.

How right she was.

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If Your Recruitment Marketing Message is for Everybody, You're Doing it Wrong

Maura McElhone

Have you ever seen a sales person in action? If not, make it your mission to seek one out and watch how they work. From making a client's day with an unexpected gift, to offering a smile and asking how the family’s keeping, sales people know what it takes to get their audience engaged.

It’s a craft, and it’s a craft that’s worth perfecting for you as a recruiter, too.

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The Path of Least Resistance and Inbound Recruiting

Shane Gray

This post is the first in a series highlighting our takeaways from the first ever 'Startuponomics International Summit' run by Google for Entrepreneurs in Dublin. As promised in our previous post, we'll be highlighting some of the key concepts covered, as well as how we intend to put them into practice as we evolve Clinch's recruitment platform.

We are a pretty predictable lot. We dislike ambiguity and avoid difficult choices whenever possible.

Think back to the last conference you went to. You arrived, picked an available seat, listened and went for a coffee during the first break.

I am pretty sure I know what happened next . . . 

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