Supercharge your sourcing efforts with a better career site

Shane Gray

You probably see the career site as an inbound recruitment component that’s in contrast to the outbound nature of your sourcing efforts. However, the reality is that the two are linked — whether you like it or not.

The following scenario will be familiar to many of you:

You’ve just spent the last day crafting and launching 50 highly personalized emails at target candidates. You’ve just had the best response rate ever and you’re feeling pretty happy that the campaign has been a success.

But did you ever stop and wonder what happened to those candidates who didn’t respond?

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Why effective recruitment and sourcing starts with your careers site

Maura McElhone

There is a common misconception that most visitors to your career site are there to look and apply for jobs. In reality, the candidate journey begins with a search for jobs via Google or Indeed. When job seekers want more information on what it's like to work for a particular organization, that is when they turn their attention to the careers site.

As the next important stage in the candidate journey, the career site is central to the candidate experience and is therefore also highly influential in shaping your company's employment brand. Whether it's one page or a collection of pages, your careers site can make all the difference to whether or not the right candidate makes the decision to demonstrate their interest in your organization as a potential employer — which is why it’s in the best interests of both recruiters and sourcers to ensure that their organization's career site meets a particular standard.

The following is a list of best practices to observe when building a careers site designed to facilitate faster, more effective candidate sourcing and recruiting:
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If you post it, they will come? Why employers playing the waiting game are already losing

Maura McElhone

In recent weeks, it emerged that half of employers “wait for job seekers to apply to open positions.” According to CareerBuilder’s 2016 Candidate Behavior study, 52% of employers prefer that candidates come to them. 

It’s a worrying statistic that suggests a lack of proactivity on the part of many employers looking to hire. 

Of course, these employers might, in their defence, argue that this is the age of inbound, and, as the name suggests, doesn’t that speak to candidates taking the lead in demonstrating their interest in your organisation?

They’re not wrong, however, it’s important to realise that inbound happens in response to an initial outbound effort. In recruiting, as in life, you get what you give. If you want qualified candidates, you need to set the wheels in motion on a strategy to attract and convert those people. That means, making recruitment marketing a central process in your talent acquisition plan.

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Friends with benefits, or frenemies for life? The truth about recruiting and marketing

Maura McElhone

Recruiting and marketing. In this age of inbound, where effective implementation of recruitment marketing is essential for companies seeking to attract and retain top talent, the two are synonymous — like tea and biscuits, bacon and eggs.

But what of the relationship between the two departments responsible for these functions? Is this, too, a match made in heaven?

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The Measure of Success | Recruiting Wrap-Up: Metrics and Analytics

Maura McElhone

In this week's "Wrap-Up," we're honing in on data driven recruiting. 

In an effort to help you recruit better, we've gathered together this collection of articles, infographics, and SlideShare presentations from a variety of trusted sources, all centered around the topic of recruitment metrics and analytics.

Get informed, be inspired, and enjoy this week's Recruiting Wrap-Up, from Clinch! 

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