Is your careers site working for you, or against you? Find out with a free review from Clinch

Maura McElhone

Every great candidate experience starts with great content. A strong careers page or site is central to that content offering. As the preferred destination for candidates seeking information on a company and/or job, your careers site must be up to par in order to engage and convert the best talent.  

Of course, it can be difficult to make an objective assessment of how effective (or not) your own careers page is — every parent thinks their kid is the cutest, right?

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Friends with benefits, or frenemies for life? The truth about recruiting and marketing

Maura McElhone

Recruiting and marketing. In this age of inbound, where effective implementation of recruitment marketing is essential for companies seeking to attract and retain top talent, the two are synonymous — like tea and biscuits, bacon and eggs.

But what of the relationship between the two departments responsible for these functions? Is this, too, a match made in heaven?

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Building the Best Candidate Experience Ever?

Shane Gray

First up, full disclosure. I have never “applied” for a job. I’ve started businesses and moved from opportunity to opportunity either working for myself or others over the last 20 years. Up until recently I’d never clicked on an apply button. On paper this should probably disqualify me from writing about candidate experience but it’s not that simple.

In hindsight candidate experience played a big part when I was trying to figure out what to do after leaving college even though I didn’t know it at the time. Looking back I think the main reason I started my first business was because it felt easier than putting myself through the anecdotal pain of job applications, interviews and rejections.

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How recruitment marketing can help drive internal mobility in your organization

Maura McElhone

Internal mobility is the process of moving employees from one position to another within an organization. 

And for many companies —77%, in fact— having a culture that promotes internal mobility and facilitates recruiting from within, is critical.

The benefits are obvious, and include faster time to hire, positions filled by individuals who have already proven to be a good fit culturally and whose working style you know to be effective. 

It's easy to see why the companies surveyed by CareerXroads in its 2014 Source of Hire Report opted to fill "more than 41% of their openings from current employees.”

So what can your company do to improve internal mobility and recruit more from within?

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